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Delta wing model

The VFE-2 configuration corresponds to the geometry of a 65° sweep angle delta wing defined by J. Chu, & J.M. Luckring (NASA TM 4645, 1996).  This definition comprises a sharp as well as three rounded leading edges with different leading edges radii; i.e. a small, medium and large L.E. radius, whereas in VFE-2 only the configurations with sharp and medium radius leading edges are considered. The present data were obtained on the ¾ scale model of NASA Langley which incorporates interchangeable leading edge sections. The majority of about 180 pressure taps are located on the upper surface of the starboard side of the model at chord stations between 20% and 95% of cr as indicated in the Figure below. The model dimensions are:

cr = 490.2 mm (root chord length)

b = 457.2 mm (wing span)

cmac = 326.8 mm (mean aerodynamic chord)